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A few years ago, I was experiencing pain in my neck, lower back & hips, to the point where I was unable to go running anymore. A friend suggested I go to iChiro to see if they could help me. After a few months of treatment, I was back on the road running again!


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It has become very clear to me that the staff at iChiro have the best interests of the patient at heart in all things that they do. They provide superb patient care superior to other Chiropractors in the area. I can honestly say that iChiro is the best chiropractor clinic in Grand Rapids!


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I have been going to iChiro since February, and am very pleased with my results. I have been free of back pain for the first time in months! I have always had a hard time with manual neck adjustments, so really like using the computerized adjustment system. They really focus on a full spectrum approach, and I really appreciate the tips that are passed on to me for things I can do at home for continued improvement. They have great massage therapists on staff who really know what they are doing.


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This is the first time I’ve seen a chiropractor and I wish I’d gone sooner! iChiro does an amazing job at educating their patients on the hows and whys. I have only been going for a few weeks, but I already feel much better! Who knew?


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Let's Start Your Pathway To Health!

Initial Evaluation

After an initial one-on-one consultation and evaluation with one of our highly trained chiropractic doctors, we determine the precise cause of your health problem and advise you if additional tests or x-rays are necessary.

Care Plan

Treatments during the next 3 visits will help us determine your rate of response, which we will combine with your other information, health history and testing to create a custom care plan that includes estimates for costs and number of visits to achieve your health goals.

Track Progress

Over the course of your treatments, we track your functional progress, so you will always be able to make informed decisions about your care. 

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iChiro helps you connect with opportunities to improve your level of health and wellness.

We utilize modern computerized chiropractic adjustments, manual chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, nutrition, exercise, stretching, and lifestyle advice to achieve the best results for our patients.



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