How do I fix my back?


How Do I Fix My Back?

This is a very common question I hear from Grand Rapids’ residents.  My question is, “What do you mean by fix?” Are you trying to fix your pain?  Or, fix the cause? Most people mask their pain with medications, however, masking is not fixing!  This leads to addictions, side effects, and a worsening of the condition. Clearly, the better approach is to fix the underlying cause.  An example most people can relate has to do with your car. Imagine your car is making a horrible noise. You take it to the mechanic and he says he can fix it.  He reaches in and turns up your radio so loud you can no longer hear the noise. He tells you it is fixed. Obviously, you would not settle for that! However, this is what people are settling for when they take masking medications.  

Most back problems stem from damage to the deep stabilizer musculature along the spine.  When these muscles are damaged, they compress the joints, pinch nerves, bulge the discs. In order for a disc to be damaged, these muscles will have failed and become damaged first.  By changing these muscles, you can often experience great improvements because they are the cause.

So how do you fix these muscles?  The first step is to be able to find which muscles are damaged.  Specific chiropractic testing can determine where these muscles are malfunctioning.  Next, chiropractic adjustments will cause these muscles to reflexly relax. Adjustments are to the muscle, not to the bones as most people think.  Once these muscles are relaxed and returned to normal function, you need to strengthen them. An easy way is to utilize vibration plate technology to strengthen these stabilizer muscles.

That is how you “fix” the problem.  Be aware that sometimes damage can be so severe, that a “fix” does not exist.  Sometimes achieving maximum function is all that can be done. To find out if a natural holistic approach could benefit your specific situation, contact our office and schedule an evaluation!

Dr. Michael Kwast

Dr. Kwast is the CEO of iChiro Clinics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a wellness speaker for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, and the Employee Awareness Association.  iChiro Clinics has received the 2014 Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics, and the Grand Rapids Magazine’s reader poll award for the Best of Grand Rapids.