OUR INSIGHTS ON NATURAL HEALTH Chiropractic, Massage, and Pain Relief are Connected More Than You Think... Many people mistakenly believe the pain from injuries is caused by the shifting of the bones. While that plays a role, the primary cause of the pain is the damage to the muscle tissue that supports the bone and skeletal structure. The muscles are what holds the bones in place, so when they are injured, strained or pulled, the

How do I fix my back?

Posted by Michael Kwast on  August 31, 2018
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OUR INSIGHTS ON NATURAL HEALTH How Do I Fix My Back? This is a very common question I hear from Grand Rapids’ residents.  My question is, “What do you mean by fix?” Are you trying to fix your pain?  Or, fix the cause? Most people mask their pain with medications, however, masking is not fixing!  This leads to addictions, side effects, and a worsening of the condition. Clearly, the better approach is to fix the