Chiropractors Crack My Bones... Right?

Chiropractors “crack” your bones, right?  Wrong.  The chiropractic adjustment causes a quick stretch on the deep stabilizer musculature around the spinal joints, which stimulates a reflex in the muscles causing them to reflexly relax.  As the muscles relax, the space in the joint enlarges, causing the fluid in the joint to rapidly turn into a gas (cavitation), which releases energy and creates a “cracking” noise.  By retraining these muscles to remain in the relaxed state, you can decrease pressure in the joint, which decreases the compressive forces on the cartilage inside the joint and on the discs.  This is valuable because less compression on the discs and on the cartilage will slow down the degenerative process and prevent arthritic changes. 

Want to learn more about this? Watch below as our founder, Dr. Michael Kwast debunks this age old myth!


Ever been told that chiropractors "pop" your bones back into place? Listen here as Dr. Mike Kwast debunks that myth!

Posted by IChiro Clinics on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dr. Michael Kwast

Dr. Kwast is the CEO of iChiro Clinics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a wellness speaker for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, and the Employee Awareness Association.  iChiro Clinics has received the 2014 Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics, and the Grand Rapids Magazine’s reader poll award for the Best of Grand Rapids.

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